Petronas Towers || Kuala Lumpur || Malaysia

Surfers || Honolua Bay || Maui || Hawaii

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) || Chile

Grand Cayman || Cayman Islands

South Shetland Islands || Antarctica

Igauzu Falls || Brazil

Bukhara || Uzbekistan

Old Havana || Cuba

Galapagos || Ecuador

Homer || Alaska

Road Trip || Death Valley || California

Airport Approach || St Maartin || Lesser Antilles

Sunrise Dewdrop Reflections || Roscommon || Ireland

Tuk Tuk Reflections || Thailand

Chefchaouen || Morocco

Street || San Salvador || El Salvador

Pershing Square || New York City

The Taj Mahal || Agra || India

Mayakovskaya Station || Moscow || Russia

Shelly Beach || New Zealand

Golden Gate Bridge || San Francisco

Machu Picchu || Peru

Rehydrating || India

Chichicastenango || Guatemala

Tian'anmen || Beijing || China

Rosses Point || Sligo || Ireland

Ericeira || Portugal

The River Ganges || Varanasi || India

Baker Beach || San Francisco || California

River Avenue || The Bronx || New York

Lake Titicaca || Peru

Sarajevo || Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dubai || UAE

Salar de Uyuni || Bolivia

Bruges || Belgium

Fitz Roy || Patagonia || Argentina

Rio de Janeiro || Brazil

Zaanse Schans || Netherlands

Old San Juan || Puerto Rico

Riding The Rails || India

Cartagena || Colombia

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THE LATEST || The Balkans & Greece

Zákynthos, Greece

Ionian Party Island With Its Picture-Perfect Secluded Shipwreck Cove

Image || Navagio/Shipwreck Bay, Zákynthos, Greece.
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Olympia, Greece

The Former Celebrated Sanctuary of Zeus in Antiquity & The Birthplace of the Olympic Games

Image || Myron's 'Discobolus', Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese, Greece.
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Delos, Greece

Completing The Cyclades Circle – The Mytical Birthplace of Apollo & One of The Ancient World’s Most Sacred Sites

Image || Terrace of the Lions at Ancient Delos.
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Mýkonos, Greece

The Cyclades Gay-friendly Glamour Capial & Hedonistic Party Central

Image || Fisherman's Houses, Little Venice, Mýkonos.
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Páros, Greece

Stylish, White, Inviting & Oh-So Pretty. Stereotypically Cycladic

Image || In the whitewashed lanes of Parikiá, Páros.
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Santoríni, Greece

The Aegean Greek Island Destination of Unparalleled Global Appeal

Image || Dusk over the village of Oia.
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(Sublime) Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid, on the Double: Macedonia’s Stunning UNESCO-listed Village & Lake

Image || The iconic St. Jovan Kaneo Church overlooking Lake Ohrid, southwest Macedonia.
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Skopje, Macedonia

The ‘New’ Skopje, A Baizarre Theme Park of Garish Architecture & All In The Name of National Identity

Image || Macedonia Square in central Skopje, Macedonia.
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A Curious Mix, The Balkans Very Own De Facto Independent Country

Image || The Reborn Monument, Pristina, Kosovo.
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Podgorica, Montenegro

Europe’s Newest Capital. Short on Sights, Heavy on Charm

Image || The turquoise waters of the Moraca River as seen from the Most Blaza Jovanovicain in Podgorica, Montenegro.
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Budva, Montenegro

A Magical Montenegrin Miami On The Adriatic’s Riviera Coast

Image || The Dancing girl statue in Budva, Montenegro.
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Lovcen National Park, Montenegro

Tackling The Kotor Serpentine & Thining Air To Reach The World’s Highest Mausoleum

Image || The Njegos Mausoleum, the world’s highest, atop Jezerski Vrh in Lovcen National Park, Montenegro.
Get High!

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Unrivalled Scenery, Labyrinth Walled Old Towns, Shore-Skirting Drives & Marina Bling

Image || The Bay of Kotor as seen from the road to Lovcen National Park.
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New England - Epic US Road Trip 2017

Leaf Peeping The Autumnal Delights of A New England Fall


Image || Falltastic. Leaf Peeping fall foliage in Acadia National Park, Maine.
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Svalbard, Norway

Nigh-On 80°N. As Human & As Accessible As The High Arctic Gets. 62,000 km² Of Majestic Arctic Wilderness


Image || Overlooking Longyearbyen, the northernmost ‘real’ town on earth. Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway.
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Epic US Road Trip 2017

When One Once-In-A-Lifetime US Road Trip Just Isn’t Enough


Image || Bronx traffic jam, New York. Day 2. September 28, 2017.
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North Korea

The World’s Most Secretive Nation & Its Last Stalinist Dictatorship


Image || Paying respects to the Great & Dear Leaders at the Mansudae Hill Grand Monument, Pyongyang, North Korea. August 15, 2017.
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Dandong, China

A Chinese Curiosity And The Largest Border Crossing Between North Korea & China


Image || The Broken Bridge spanning the Yala River as seen from the Chinese side of the China/North Korea border in Dandong, China. August 13, 2017.
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Beijing, China (2017)

A Necessary Evil. What It’s All About Being Back In The Capital Of The World’s Superpower Wannabe.


Image || On the concourse of Beijing Railway Station, Beijing, China. August 10, 2017.
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Seoul, South Korea (2017)

A Sweaty Seoul Summer Saunter Down Memory Lane


Image || Sunset over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. July 25, 2017.
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The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Korea

Image || At the Third Tunnel of The DMZ, South Korea. August 21, 2009.
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Cape Town & Environs, Western Cape, South Africa

Image || On coastal route R44, Western Cape, South Africa. February 20, 2017.
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Epic US Road Trip 2016

Day 27 || Early Autumn on the All-American Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina. September 23, 2016.
Thirty-six days, 9510 miles, 26 States. Epic Indeed!


... Antarctica

Chinstrap penguins, Half Moon Island, South Shetland Islands
Discovering the 7th Continent

... Galápagos

Giant Tortoise, Isla Isabala, Galápagos
Darwin’s famed Natural Laboratory of Evolution

... Cuba

Musicians in Havana Vieja (Old Havana)
The Indefatigable Caribbean Time Warp

... Morocco

Medina, Chefchaouen
Mystical Morocco

... Chichén Itzá

El Castillo/Pyramid of Kukulcan, Chichén Itzá
Mexico’s Biggest Mayan Draw & A New7Wonder Of The World

... Syria

Crac des Chevaliers Crusader Castle
Reviewing A Pre-War-Torn Syria

... Jeju Island, South Korea

Inside the UNESCO-listed Manjanggul Lava Tube
South Korea’s Very Own Hawaii

... Ireland

Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry
The Emerald Isle, a.k.a. Home

... Puerto Rico

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan
America In The Steamy Caribbean